Dhoom 3 Will Be A Super Dooper Movie

So all you Dhoom franchise fans, here comes a mind boggling surprise for you. Soon after the unveiling of first teaser of 'Dhoom 3' fans started inferring that it's Aamir's antagonistic avatar which is the USP of the movie. But here comes another shock guys.

If recent reports pertaining to "Dhoom 3" and Aamir's character are to be believed then Aamir's playing negative character is not the sole USP of the movie, rather it's the double role of Mr Perfectionist which is the surprise element.

Buzz even suggests that this surprising twist is something pertaining to "mentally-sick-twin-brother" kind of phenomena, and will come somewhere around the climax of the movie.

The movie also features Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

So all you die hard fans of Dhoom and Aamir, be prepared for "two-much" of Aamir and thrill.

Katrina Kaif In New Saree

As you all know Katrina plays the role of a politician in her upcoming film Raajneeti and is seen always in saree only. And guess what Kat played cricket wearing saree for the shoots. Katrina did not feel any discomfort wearing a saree and playing cricket. After the shoots the bubbly started playing cricket with her co-star Arjun Rampal on the sets and that too still in saree. Even though she was asked if she needs a dress change, she said she is fine with the saree. Katrina said that. She loves wearing saree and feels it is easy for wearing. Katrina further added that she had bought many Banarasi Sarees whom she will carry in different functions. That means we will see more of Katrina in sarees. Truly, she looks good in sarees..isn't it?

katrina kaif in saree

Katrina Kaif Chikni Chameli performance a surprise

If you thought Katrina Kaif is all about sophistication, she breaks the stereotype with Chikini Chameli. The actor gets raw and rustic in Agneepath's hot item song. With a bottle of pahua hanging from her waist, Katrina says it all with her eyes. The song is choreographed by Ganesh Acharya.
“I hope and pray it becomes bigger than any of the previous item songs. As actors, we love doing better than what’s been done in the past. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in expecting that,” said Katrina in an interview with Hindustan Times. She adds, “Now, I’m waiting to see the audience’s reaction. It’s a desi-rustic number. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”

Chikni Chameli
Chikni Chameli snaps
Katrina Kaif Chikni Chameli Official song video release

Katrina Kaif fake porn video get popular

Guess what's hot in B Town? It's so called Katrina Kaif's porn video that shows the actress having group sex with few unidentified men. Tagged ‘Katrina Kaif sex scandal’, the video that has been online for only a few hours is a hot property.

Reacting to this, Kats is fuming and her anger has gone out of control. Actually the lady in the video is Katrina's look-alike. The video has turned out to be the most downloaded clip, the video shows the supposed look alike in ponytails wearing Indian jewellery slowly stripping down to her bikini and then moving on to the sexual act with a number of men.

An outrageous Katrina told Zee News, “The video is disgusting and the girl clearly doesn’t even look like me. There’s no room for any speculation whatsoever. How can you even call her my look alike? The girl’s face is completely different! I think it’s ridiculous to even talk about it.”
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