Katrina Kaif Lonely in the crowded city

Katrina Kaif, who is the hottest and the most sought after lady in bollywood, is sure going places. The lady is considered a lucky charm and every producer wants to work with her some day.

However, everything in the world comes for a price, and in Kat’s case, its stardom. Yes in deed, the lady who’s got everything under the Sun, has a curious feeling of loneliness these days.

Reportedly, the star has an empty home to go to everyday after work, and that makes her feel really lonely. Kat lives all alone in her Mumbai flat, her family is settled in London and her mother, who is in India, cannot join her as she is busy with her own social work in Tail Nadu.

Now, Katrina, who has not much time left to socialize due to her long shooting schedules, has no option left but to go back home to the empty enclosures in her flat.

It would be hard to imagine that in a crowded city like Mumbai, there is someone as hot as Katrina, who is all by herself, wishing that there was someone waiting for her at home! It sure is a strange world!
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