Katrina Kaif Tops The List Of Sexiest Heroines in Bollywood

Mumbai men voted the reigning Queen of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif as the sexiest in the recently held polls. Katrina was followed by Priyanka Chopra on the second position, third came Lara Dutta for her bikini shots in the film ‘Blue’, sharing the spots with Sushmita Sen and Chitrangada Singh.
katrina_kaif_hot_photosThe actress feels that there is something beyond looks to look sexy. She says, “To me, sex appeal is more than just looking good or wearing short clothes. It is in the attitude you exude and how you carry yourself.”

Katrina confesses, “I have not really tried to be anything. I have played roles that I got excited by and if that has resulted in people finding me sexy, then it’s flattering. I have also got adulation when I got de-glam, like for Rajneeti. This means that I have chosen the right kind of films in which people have liked me. I will be sexy when required and go de-glam when a project comes to me. I have not closed my mind that I will only do a certain kind of movie.”

Call it as her choice of films or her luck, the lady for sure is here to stay longer and rein the filmdom, feel many.

Way to go Katrina!!

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