Katrina Kaif ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’navel show Obnoxious or super sexy

‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ is the song that has become a rage, all of a sudden, after its release last week. While the buzz around the song had been germinated cleverly by Farah Khan a long time back, it’s the video unveiling of this hugely seductive item number that has taken the nation by the storm.

Katrina has left home most of her clothes and is pompously flaunting her belly button in this song whose lyrics are as provocative as is its video. In fact, such a hysteria has spawned over the song that google engine is working overtime to meet the demands of the male voyeurs and Katrina die-hards.

While no one is quite complaining but it’s a matter of great speculation if Katrina’s belly show highlights her sexiness or is it ill-suitable to an actress of her stature. After all, the blatant show of navel is still a taboo subject in many Indian corners and some quarters may consider it objectionable and obnoxious.

But then, going by the modern demand of the industry, the westernisation of the youths and the liberalisation of mainstream cinema, Katrina’s bold skin show is only going to earn her some brownie points and cement her position as the princess of popcorn. What’s your opinion?
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