I am no adventure freak, Katrina Kaif

Actress Katrina Kaif is nursing a foot injury after accidentally hurting herself on the sets of a film. However, that isn’t why the actress’s looking rather relaxed, with her feet propped up on a chair nearby as she enjoys watching the rain outside.

“It’s so much fun watching the rains from here instead of being caught in the traffic in a downpour outside trying to reach the sets on time,” she remarks. But we figure, that the actor hasn’t let the injury slow her down, instead, she’s taking it easy simply because she’s just wrapped up two of her films and has some time before she plunges into the next two. “Yes, luckily I got to put my feet up and enjoy for some time at least!” she smiles.

But while she relaxes, the buzz around her doing a Yash Chopra film with actor Salman Khan’s frenemy actor Shah Rukh Khan has been gaining momentum with tongues wagging about how it will affect her relationship with Salman.

“People try to look too hard searching for the fine print, but to be honest there are no issues about me doing a film with Shah Rukh or Salman or Imran (Khan) or Ranbir (Kapoor) or Hrithik (Roshan),” she says.

“I prefer leaving the personal equations out of the professional ones.” That also explains why she isn’t giving into the hue and cry being made about her intimate scenes with Hrithik in their forthcoming film. “What’s there to talk about that? It was a part of the scene, just like any other.”

Incidentally the film also sees her show off her adventurous streak. But Kaif points out that she’s hardly the sorts in real life.

“I’m not too much of an adventure sports freak actually. I did learn scuba diving for a couple of scenes, but can’t say I’d like to take it up again,” she laughs. What she’s also not keen on taking up for the moment is film production. “I’m not turning producer any time soon. Not even for Isabella (sister) who’s anyway still busy studying,” she clarifies.

“I don’t believe in saying ‘never’ but nothing’s happening on that front for now,” she says setting the record straight.
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