Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Celina Jaitley – which bollywood actress looks most beautiful in a saree?

A sari has its own charm. Even in this age where women, especially those who live in metros and have a hectic task of balancing personal and professional life, are more comfortable wearing Western wears, sari has never lost it’s popularity.

It remains a hot favorite at parties, functions, social gatherings, where one needs to turn up well dressed. It is said that sari is the only dress that suits every woman, no matter how her figure is. It can be worn in a way so as to highlight the curves or to hide the bulges.

It is, therefore, not surprising that even our Bollywood beauties swear by this nine yard long dress and are often seeing donning them at different occasions. So, which of the Bollywood actresses looks best wearing a sari? We present our list of five.

Aishwarya Rai is one actress who can carry off both Western and Indian wear equally well. She has been wearing beautiful saris at different occasions and needless to say, looks dazzling and ravishing in them. Over the years, she has maintained herself well and her beauty still remains intact at the age of 36.Her beauty is exotic and look devastatingly gorgeous in a sari.

Kareena Kapoor can carry of a sari very well. She often pairs them with low-cut or backless blouses and floors everyone with the sexy look. She has often been spotted marrying the Western look with a touch of Indianness and this quality of hers makes her stand out among rest of the Bollywood brigade.

Those who have seen Katrina Kaif in the Nakshatra jewelry ad will swear by her charm and beauty. Looking extremely gorgeous in a black, shining sari, she has made the male brigade fall in love with her charm. Even though Katrina is not Indian, the sari suits her very well. It flaunts her curves perfectly and shows off her figure perfectly.

Priyanka Chopra is another actress who looks smoking hot in a sari. Everybody had a jaw dropping reaction when they saw the Chopra girl sizzling in a pale cream sari showing off her perfect body in a low waist sari in the song’Desi Girl’ in Dostana.

The song and the film went on to become a huge hit and girls were seen dancing to the tunes of ’Desi Girl’ wearing sexy saris. This actress looks so good looking in a sari that she has been appointed as the brand ambassador of a sari company. We are talking about the sexy Celina Jaitley.She is often seen wearing beautiful saris and looks so very desirable in them.

Celina herself is a huge fan of saris and has expressed her love for them in many interviews. She has got a huge collection of saris and proudly flaunts them on different occasions. So which the Bollywood actress do you think looks best in a sari? Share with us your thoughts and opinions.

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