Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in Clean and Juicy Ad Face-Off!(imk) 2010

While we still can't say for sure whether Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are together or not, we do know that both B-town actors like to keep things clean and juicy!

The Bollywood beauty recently starred in a commercial for Slice Mango Juice, while B-town's bad boy has shot an ad for Active Wheel Detergent.

But which is your favorite brand ambassador in this famous couple? Katrina Kaif or Salman Khan?

Check out their ads here and tell us which star does the best job at selling their product.

Katrina Kaif and a hot model are sitting in a boat, playing a game of 'who will blink first.'

Katz pulls the old blow air on the face trick, but it doesn't work and her hot co-star has something more powerful in store to make the sexy actress bat an eyelid!

Suspense and love is in the air! To find out what happens next, check out Katrina Kaif's flirty and sexy TV commercial for Slice mango juice.

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