Katrina Kaif to show her wild side

Katrina Kaif has always been seen as a prim and propah kind of girl in films, certainly not someone who lets her inhibitions go and show her wild streak. Well, that’s going to change.

For Tees Maar Khan, in which she plays an item girl, Katrina will get to “freak out” for the first time on camera. So excited is she by the prospect of doing so that she’s even styling the look of her character. For that, she’s buying tawdry trinkets and fashion accessory from roadside shops.

“I’ve always wanted to freak out on camera, to just get wild. This is my chance,” Katrina, who’s shooting the film at Malshej Ghat is quoted as saying.

More than just clothes and looks, Katrina is also excited about adopting the saucy manners and spitfire speech of an item gal.

The film, directed by Farah Khan, has Katrina pairing up with Akshay Kumar again.
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