Katrina begs to be heard in Hindi

/photo.cms?msid=5907493 Just some time ago the entire team of Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti addressed the media at a press conference held in Mumbai. Katrina Kaif who was the center of attraction at the event was sportingly answering questions thrown at her by media-persons. Expectedly she was comfortable conversing in the Queen’s language when some reporter asked her to speak in Hindi especially after all the claims that the filmmakers made about Katrina speaking chaste Hindi in the film to justify her character of a woman politician.

Katrina did start speaking in Hindi but occasionally would get back to English, when at loss of words. At this the media-persons started laughing and making fun of her insisting she speak in Hindi. At this moment a slightly miffed Katrina came up with a befitting reply saying, “The problem is that I am talking in Hindi but you want to listen only in English”. Her answer was strong enough to silence the giggles.

The director of the film Prakash Jha quickly came to Katrina’s defense explaining that Katrina’s Hindi language training came handy during the dubbing of the film. “It’s a different ballgame altogether in the recording studio where the actual Hindi expertise comes into picture. Katrina has done a fabulous job in the film. Beyond the film if she is comfortable speaking English in her personal life, I don’t sense any problem in that”.
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