Katrina Kaif wanted to be a firefighter

Today, Katrina Kaif is at a place many young girls dream of. She’s at the coveted top spot, has riches, fame and legions of fans. But there was a time when she too dreamed of doing something ‘unusual’ in life.

“I always used to make a world in my head and live in that. I always wanted to be something unusual. Some of the dreams I remember, they may sound stupid - I wanted to be a firefighter, I wanted to be a stunt woman, I wanted to go to NASA. Acting was something to fancy,” Katrina is quoted as saying by a news agency.

Yet, in an industry given strongly to nepotism, it’s to her credit that she came without any connections and, with only Salman Khan as her guide, cemented a place for herself in the industry. She ascribes her success to destiny.

“It's (success) destiny, no one can plan it. There are many people who are connected with the industry because of their father, mother or other family members; still they are not able to achieve what is termed as success in the industry.

“The miracle that happened with my life has been the success of my films. Because, had those films not been successful, no one would have done anything for me,” Katrina is quoted as saying by a news agency.

She is presently moving away from eye-candy roles and will next be seen in a non-glam role in director Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti.
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