I might cast Katrina Kaif opposite Shah Rukh Khan

Paris-based Indian filmmaker Vijay Singh is in talks with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan for his next project, an 18th century historical love story between an Awadh king and a British girl. Singh, who has shot critically acclaimed feature films like Jaya Ganga and One Dollar
Curry in the past, feels that Shah Rukh will be perfect as Nawab Naseeruddin Haidar in his third film, The Opium Symphony, based on his book Whirlpool of Shadows.

"Shah Rukh had liked the idea. I am planning to approach him again for the role of the Nawab," Singh says. "I wanted to cast him in Jaya Ganga but he was busy and things did not work out.”

SRKIn the city for the screening of his latest documentary, India by Song, the writer is also looking for a face to star opposite SRK. “The film will be be made on a budget of 60-70 crore. Earlier, I was planning to take a Hollywood starlet opposite Shah Rukh for the role of the British girl, but I might talk to Katrina Kaif.

I have been told she is British and a fine actress," Singh says.
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