Who kisses Katrina Kaif on the lips?

Katrina Kaif has doggedly shied away from locking her lips with male co-stars ever since she stepped into Bollywood. But there’s one cute person who’s been kissing the beautiful lady as he wills. His name is Czar.

Before you jump to conclusions, let’s clarify that Czar is the two-year-old son of director Farah Khan who’s directing Katrina in her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan.

We hear that Farah often brings her triplets - Czar, Anya and Diva - to the film’s sets. Of the three, Czar has been getting quite up close and personal with Katrina. One day when Katrina offered him her cheek for kiss, the naughty tot planted a kiss on her lips.

Not just that, according to Farah Khan, the very next day when Czar revisited the sets, he called Katrina over to him with a gesture and kissed her again on the lips.

Funnily, whenever Farah Khan kisses Czar on the lips, he wipes off the kiss. But he did nothing of the sort after kissing Katrina
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