'Sheela Ki Jawani' leaves Katrina Kaif in pain 2010 news

Katrina Kaif

Download Wallpaper Could a song’s title be kitschier than this? Farah Khan, the queen of kitsch, is making Katrina Kaif shimmy to a song titled Sheela Ki Jawani for her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan.

For seven days continuously, Katrina has been rehearsing her belly-dance steps and all the rigour of endless Shakira-like shimmying is taking its toll on the actress. Consequently, Katrina’s knee began to pain and she also had a severe cramp in her stomach that called for the rehearsals to be wrapped up early.

From what we hear, while rehearsing the belly dance, Katrina yelled out loud, sending Farah Khan and the dance team in panic. When Farah realized that Katrina’s body couldn’t take the rehearsals anymore, she called for an early pack-up and also gave a day’s holiday to the actress to rest.

Now, the song will begin shooting from August 21. The number will have Katrina doing some breathtaking belly-dance steps.
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